Taking it to the Edge

This Ford Edge arrived at the shop with a scratch down the left side, a dandy of one too. If you look closely in the first four photos you can kind of, sort of, almost see it. This is the kind of damage that has to be frustrating to an owner … this scratch is only one step beyond the ability to buff it out.

But buff out it won’t, so the next two photos, numbers five and six, show how to make that ugly blemish disappear … sandpaper. We sanded the damaged area down to rough the paint so the new paint has something to grab onto and to make sure the new paint lays down in a nice even coat.

Pictures seven and eight show the car in the booth after the painting process. With the scratch sanded smooth, the new paint is sprayed on and allowed to dry overnight.

After drying overnight the car is ready for assembly the next morning. The last two photos, numbers nine and ten, are of the completed car, assembled and ready to return to the owner.

After the repair you can get as close to the Edge as you like … and never know know anything was ever amiss.

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