Eeeek! A rat!

What we have here is a prime example of the classic American Rat Rod. This 1962 Chevrolet pickup hits all the major rat rod points. Big, beefy V8 motor … check. Goes like stink … check. Looks like 40 miles of bad road … definitely check. 

After spraying on the olive drab paint Thursday, yesterday we put the finishing touches on the truck by taking some of the paint off. By lightly sanding a few areas on the truck we removed the paint and left the primer underneath showing through. You can see the results of our efforts in these photos. What you can’t see in the photos is how thin the paint is in places. You can see the primer through the olive paint making the paint look that much more worn.

A couple of notes on the photos … the first photo is of Jordan sitting in the engine bay replacing the transmission dipstick with a new one to stop a leak. The fourth photo shows Mike peeling the stencil off the truck to reveal the door sign underneath. The rest of the pictures … they speak for themselves.

This truck was interesting and fun to work on. Normally the vehicles I work on look like this when they arrive … not when they leave.

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  1. what is that wheel set up. Rims and tire and white wall size..thankyou

    • Im not sure on the tire size. The wheels are the truck rally’s 15X8. We just repainted this truck a few weeks ago. You can see the updated version on out Facebook page. Since this post the front has also been changed out to a early ’80s Camaro front suspension. It sits a bit lower now and rides a lot better. If I get in touch with the owner, Ill let you know what the tire size is.

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