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Painting the Forte

Last week I was able to trim out the fender on this Kia Forte. Trimming out the fender simply means that I painted the parts of the fender that are difficult or impossible to reach after the fender is installed. Today, I painted the rest of the fender, along with the hood and front bumper.

The first three pictures show the new or repaired parts after the application of the sealer. The sealing primer seals the factory applied rust protection and gives the paint something to gets its teeth into for good adhesion.

The sealer is available in seven shades of gray, from almost white to almost black. The lighter shades of sealer are used under light colored paints, the darker sealers under dark paints. Each color specifies of these seven shades of gray. As you can see, this is one of the lighter shades.

Pictures four, five and six are of the car after the application of the color layer. The color layer, or base coat, is the actual pigmented paint, the part of the car’s finish that provides the color. You will notice that the base coat is very flat. This is normal in a two stage paint system. The base coat provides the color, the clear coat provides the luster and protection.

The last three pictures are of the car after the application of the clear coat. Where the base coat dries to a near flat finish, the clear coat dries to a high-gloss. This gives the paint its depth and luster, and provides protection to the the base coat below.

The car will dry in the booth overnight so that tomorrow we can begin putting it back together … re-installing the door handles, mirror, bumper and the like … and cleaning it up before delivery.

After that there is nothing left but turning the keys over to the owner.

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