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In its prime

The ye olde Chevelle is taking another step to completion. After spending what seemed like forever getting the body perfectly straight, straight enough to stand up to the High Performance Finish, we are finally ready to prime the car. Again.

The first primer was simply to seal the metal and make the car as rust proof as possible. We then added the Slick Sand primer to fill and hide any tiny ripples in the metal. After sanding the Slick Sand we then began the tedious task of filling low spots with filler and pounding down high spots with hammers. But that is behind us now.

The first five photos show the car in the booth ready for priming. The body has been sanded and filled, and sanded again until it is laser straight. Because we cut through to metal in places, and sanded the bejeebers out of others, the whole car needs another coat of primer just to slick everything over and make the car ready for paint.

But before the primer goes on, we have to do something about that bare metal. Photos 6-8 show the car after the application of the bare metal primer. This replaces the bare metal primer that we sanded through during the sanding of the body and ensures that the exposed metal areas are not attack by moisture and prone to rust.

The rest of the photos, numbers 9-12, show the car after the primer has been applied. This primer seals the bare metal primer and body filler below it while at the same time filling and smoothing the sanding marks left from the blocking process. This filling process ensures that the paint, when applied, has a glass like smoothness for maximum reflectivity with minimum distortion.

Now that the base primer is applied we can move on to the next step in the High Performance Finish regimen. That would be … sanding.

Ready to go

This Nissan Versa arrived at the shop on Wednesday, we painted the bumper yesterday, put the car back together today, and the customer has already taken it home. That’s just three days from drop off to pick up.

At JMC AutoworX we focus on a quality repair over a fast repair. A lot of things have to happen for us to be able to turn a job this fast. The replacement parts have to be in stock, the repair has to be minor, like just replacing a bumper, and finally, there can’t be too many cars ahead of it. But in this case, the sun, moon and stars all aligned and we were able to pull it off.

JMC AutoworX quality and a near in-and-out turn around time. That’s like a fork tender 10-oz sirloin steak served at the speed of McDonalds. The best of both worlds.

The braided bunch

We are done with this outstanding 1950 Chevrolet 5-window pickup. That is not to say that there isn’t still work to be done, because there is. But the items that remain are going to be finished by the owner.

But before it leaves the shop, I wanted to show off the engine a little. It’s hard to tell from these photos, but the engine is a chromed out small block Chevy 350. All the wiring is run in a braided loom to complement all the other braided steel items on the motor.

The first three photos show the throttle and the transmission kick-down cables. Braided steel hoses on the power steering pump, shown in the fourth photo, compliments the braided steel transmission dip-stick, shown in the fifth photo. Not shown are the braided steel transmission lines because, frankly, I didn’t feel like crawling under the truck to take a picture of them.

I’m sure that the owner will be glad to get the ol’ girl back. The only major task left to complete is the installation of the interior, then she’ll be a driver. I hope he remembers to drive it back to the shop so I can see the truck after it is finished.

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