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Cracking up

This Jeep has led a rough life. Several years ago the SUV took a tumble down an embankment and into a creek. Looks pretty good for a car that has been rolled doesn’t it? I don’t know who did the original repair, but they did a bang-up job.

Unfortunately for the owner, when the repair was made from that major accident, a little place was missed from on the right front fender. As you can see in the first photo, it isn’t a very big place and while the metal is straight, the paint is cracked. So we sanded it off, down to the metal.

Once the damaged paint was removed, we primed it to make it ready for paint, as you can see in the last two photos. Now it just a matter of finding some time in the booth to get it painted and back to the owner.

They key is sanding

This brand-spanking new Nissan Rogue is in the shop because some (censored) decided that it would look better with some scratches in the paint, apparently left with a key. We can fix this so the owner will never know it was done, but what a waste.

The white areas on the hatch and side are were we sanded the car to remove the cut in the paint. Tomorrow will lay down some new red paint, blending it into the rest of the car, then clear the areas to make it as good as new.

A former customer stopped by the shop today and when he saw the car he commented, “I hope that never happens to my car and I catch them … because if I do someone will take a beating. It might be me, but someone is going to take one.” He didn’t actually say beating, but that was the gist of it.

I completely understand. People like that are good for business … but I really don’t like this type of business. It all seems so … pointless.

Hitting the trail(er)

This motorcycle trailer in in the shop to receive a new coat of paint to freshen it up and to color match it to the Harley Davidson trike that will be pulling it.

The trailer was actually in very good shape, considering how old it is, so all it really needed in the way of preparation for paint was a good sanding to smooth the surface and to roughen the exterior enough so the primer can sink it’s teeth in for a good grip. You can see trailer sanded and masked, ready for primer, in the first three photos.

The last three photos show the pod after the application of the primer. It looks like white paint but it isn’t, just wet primer. The trailer will actually be painted a vibrant red with some fancy pin striping, again to match the trike that is pulling it. We only had to prime the top half because we filled a few holes where things were attached … things no longer used.

I really liked working on this. Since it is made of fiberglass it is light enough to just pick up and move around. I wish cars were so easily shuffled around the shop.

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