Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

Sand man

There was a break in the hectic routine of the shop today … enough so that we were actually able to get in a couple of hours of work on the Chevelle.

Last week we final primed the Chevelle after all the blocking. This primer coat covers all the bare metal that was revealed when the car was blocked while also filling in all the sanding marks. So what do you do after you prime the now dead straight body? Why, you block it again of course.

The first two pictures show Jordan blocking the car yet again, but this time with a much finer sand paper. This further smooths the car so when the sealer goes on it will be as near perfectly smooth as possible.

In the last picture you can see the quarter panel that Jordan has already worked on. The majority of the fender is already blocked, with only the very bottom and a bit around the bumper mount and wheel well left to sand.

All this sanding is time consuming, tedious, dirty and hard work. But it is absolutely necessary to achieve the High Performance Finish the customer is expecting.

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