Daily Archives: March 26, 2012

Just a scratch

The bumper on this Hyundai Sonata was scratched up in a minor parking lot bump. The owner was lucky, if you can call someone backing into you car lucky, in that the bumper was only scratched and therefore didn’t have to be replaced.

We sanded the scuffed place to smooth it out, put three or four coats of primer on it so we could sand it smoother still, and painted the whole kit and caboodle to match the car.

After the bumper had dried to the touch, we set it out in the sun so natures own heat lamp could finish drying the paint.

Well, why not? Bumpers like to sun bathe too.

It could have been worse

This Hyundai Azera some how managed to get out of a potentially bad situation without a lot of damage. The driver was following a truck when some scrap metal fell from the back, bounced on the road, and tumbled into the car.

The first two photos show the dents, dings and scrapes it received along the top of the hood. The windshield is also broken so it will have to be replaced as well.

The third photo is after we filled the minor dings with a bit of filler, sanded out the scuff marks and dabbed on the primer to seal the filler and make it ready for painting.

Coming through an ordeal like that with only bumps and bruises, easily repaired with a bit filler and some paint, and a broken windshield. I would say it could easily have been worse.

Had I been driving, it would have probably needed a new drivers seat too.

Zebra stripes

This Chevrolet Silverado has arrived at the shop for a little de-striping.

There are a lot of reasons that a customer might want to have the stripes removed from their car. It could be that they decided they didn’t like the stripes anymore. It could be that the stripes started falling off and the owner decided to remove the rest of the stripe rather than replace the missing part.

Or is could be that the truck never had stripes in the first place but only looks like it did because the paint is failing. I’m thinking this funky looking striping is the latter.

No problem a little sanding, priming and painting can’t fix up good as new.

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