Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Topped off

Today we sanded all the dead and failing paint off the top of this Chevy Silverado. Chevy’s may be like a rock, but this factory applied paint sure wasn’t.

Now that the paint is, more or less, removed, we will prime the surface tomorrow and start the painting process. Normally I like to paint over paint since it leaves such a nice finish. But this paint was all but falling off the truck, and I didn’t want my new paint to fall off with it, so we are starting from scratch.

I want to make sure that this time the paint that is put on, stays on.

It’s like wrinkle cream for cars

Today we sanded the primer we put on this Azera yesterday. And tomorrow we will cover up these ugly blemishes so they fade away.

Oil of Olay … eat your heart out.

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