A clear improvement

The first of the week this Chevy Silverado arrived at the shop a sad looking sight. It was suffering from a bad case of Failus Pigmentosus  … also known as failing paint.

After sanding the roof to remove the dead paint, we then primed the entire top to give the paint something to latch onto.

The first two photos show me spraying the paint onto the roof of the truck. Long time readers of this site may have noticed in past posts that I use a unique system for reaching the tops of SUVs and vans … I stand on a bucket. But I like pickups because they have a built in ladder right in the back. Not as versatile as my bucket to be sure, but much more comfortable.

Pictures three and four show the top after the application of base coat. It looks a bit flat in these two photos because, well, it is flat. The base coat, the part of the trucks finish that gives it its color, always dries to a near flat finish. It is the clear coat the add the depth and shine that makes car finishes so pleasing to the eye.

The last three photos, numbers five, six and seven, show the truck after the clear is applied. As you can see the flat finish of the base coat is transformed into the dazzling finish the truck had when it left the factory.

But this time the paint will stay on the truck. I guarantee it.

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