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It’s got pluck

What a Nissan Xterra lacks in sheer size, it makes up for in pluck. These little ‘utes can go just about anywhere their owners care to drive them. And they look the part too … all beefy and broad shouldered.

But just because you can drive them through the Amazonian rain forest, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good while doing it. And this Xterra, fresh out of the shop looks good indeed. This red really flatters the truck.

So now that we have the parking lot rash all fixed up, it’s time to take it out … and get it muddy.

Well, that proves it

When this Nissan Altima arrived at the shop, the stars were in perfect alignment for a quick turn-around. The car, a victim of a little bump-and-rub in a parking lot, had little more damage than some scuffed paint … no replacement parts needed. All our other jobs for the week were either complete or were waiting on something. That means we were able to take the car right in and immediately start work on it.

Since the damage was so light, all the car really needed was just a splash of paint. We took the bumper off and gave the roughed up area a good sand to, well, rough up the paint. This is one of those weird situations that is hard to explain … by roughing up the paint with sand paper, so the new paint will stick, we were also smoothing out the roughed up paint from the parking lot rub … if that makes sense. You can see the sanding process in the second and third pictures.

After sanding the bumper went straight into the booth where we primed it. As soon as the primer was dry, we shot it with sealer, base coat and finally clear. That process went so quickly that the only picture I got was of the finished bumper, freshly cleared.

It would have been awesome to have been able to put the bumper back on the car yesterday, but as fast as the process went, the paint simply wasn’t dry enough to do so. Today … today we put the bumper back on since the clear dried overnight.

Without a drying booth, which I don’t have, to speed the drying process, or short cutting the quality of the work, which I won’t do, I simply cannot turn a car in one day. And as they say, the proof is in the pictures.

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