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The purple Dart

I know it sounds like something from a bad serials in the ’50’s … The Adventures of the Purple Dart  but what else can you say. This is a 1963 purple Dodge Dart. A color that is Plum Krazy. No really, that’s the name of the color … Plum Krazy

The car arrived at the shop Friday ready to spray. So today we did. Because the car is completely gutted masking it off was easy. A little plastic around the firewall and front frame so they would stay black, and call it done. Everything else is going to be covered by the interior anyway.

With most cars like this the owners go for the whole enchilada, the High Performance Finish, but this customer just wanted our standard, work-a-day paint finish to keep the costs down. The owner didn’t care if there was a little spray around the edges and on the tires … so in this case, I guess I didn’t either. Not masking it off saved the customer a little money in time and materials, and he was happy with that.

We’ll let the paint dry in the booth overnight and the owner can come and get it tomorrow. In and out in one day. That’s crazy quick. Plum Krazy.

A future classic?

I know it is hard to think of a 1993 Ford pickup as a classic, but stop and think about it for a minute.

This truck is almost 20 years old and it is in fantastic shape. No rust and just a very few minor dents. All it needs is a little bit of paint. If the owner continues to take care of this truck in the same manner it will still be very clean in 20 or 30 more years.

Now, think back to 1990 when 1970 trucks were 20 years old and people didn’t think they were worth anything. You could buy a ’69 or ’70 Ford or Chevy truck for next to nothing. But 30 years beyond that and look at their values now.

Uh-huh … I think this guy has a keeper.

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