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The roof dinged Versa was in the paint booth today and we fixed up the rather rough treatment it received so it looks as good as new.

The first photo shows the repaired area after the primer had been sanded smooth. The primer covers the body filler and seals everything up nice and tight, protecting the repair from damage from the elements.

The second photo is of the car after the base coat had been applied. It appears flat because the base coat, the color part of the cars finish, dries nearly flat.

The last picture is of the car after the application of the clear coat. As you can clearly see, no pun intended, the paint gains a lot of depth, clarity and luster from the application of the clear coat. That is the magic of the two stage paint process … the clear coat provides not only the protection from the elements, but also the sizzle of the finish.

The paint will dry overnight and then this car will be ready to return to its owners.

Roll tape

It doesn’t matter how Ford tough this Ford is, if it isn’t masked off before being painted it is going to look like poo after it is painted.

The idea behind masking is simplicity itself. Cover the areas that you don’t want painted so you don’t have to clean it off later. Getting paint off glass, for example, isn’t that hard. But it’s a lot harder than preventing it from getting on there in the first place.

Today the paint booth was occupied so we masked. Tomorrow we paint.

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