Daily Archives: April 22, 2012

On the straight and narrow

On April 11th this Camry arrived at the shop with some front end damage. After some disassembly we could see that it was, well the technical terms is messed up, behind the bumper. I sent it out to my frame guy so he could push and pull the car straight. It is back in the shop now, straight as it ever was. Now we have to repair the cosmetic damage.

The first picture shows a spot on the hood where we are straightening out a small bent place. Body filler has been applied and sanded, mostly, smooth.

Body filler has gotten a bad reputation over the years, caused by people using it for jobs it was never intended to do. Body filler is best used to fill and smooth shallow dents, not to pile on thick to fill deep dents and creases. Body filler, when used properly, can save a customer a significant amount of money by allow a shop to repair a small dent instead of replacing an entire panel.

After the dent is filled and blocked smooth, it will be primed to seal the filler and provide protection to the repair. The primer also provides a surface for the paint that follows to stick too so the repair will last the life of the car. In the second picture, the repaired area is masked off so only the area that needs it will be covered in primer.

When the replacement parts arrive this repair will be ready for paint as well. Then it is just a matter of shooting the paint and putting the car back together to make this Camry look as good as it did before the collision.

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