Daily Archives: April 24, 2012

Completed Camry

Yesterday we painted the Camry and today we put it together. The first two shots show the car in the booth after the application of the color.

I must have gotten busy because for some reason I didn’t take any pictures of the car after the application of the base coat, then later the clear coat, as I normally do. The last photo shows the car after the paint has dried and been reassembled.

Oh well … it is the finished product that people care about anyway. It looks a bit better than it did a couple of weeks ago when it arrived doesn’t it?

Less is more

In the shop for a face lift, this nearly 20 year old Ford is finished and ready to go home. Most people associate white with work vehicles, but white can also be quite striking. A simple clean color, not every car or truck looks good in white.

But this F150 certainly does.

And now, to your right …

A couple of weeks ago we fitted the left side door and fender, test fitting them to check the gaps and to make sure the body lines align. Yesterday, we did the right side. Both sides aligned well without a lot of work.

With the exception of the hood and trunk lid … and the interior, grille, chrome, wiring, fuel tank, steering column … and paint … this baby is just about done.

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