The dictionary defines unfortunate as Characterized by undeserved bad luck; unlucky. The owner of this 2012 Nissan Sentra was unfortunate indeed. While sitting at a stop sign this nearly new car was whacked, hard, in the rear when another driver failed to stop.

With the exception of the tail-lamps and interior, which we removed to look at the damage, this is pretty much how the car arrived at the shop. The rear bumper was missing, apparently completely destroyed in the crash. The entire rear of the car is going to have to be rebuilt. A new rear reinforcement will have to be installed, along with one new tail-lamp bucket, the right side quarter panel and a trunk floor.

You can see in these photos the car is bent nearly everywhere behind the rear doors. A modern car is tough … built to take a good hard lick. For the car to be bent this badly, this poor car took a good shot. The technical term, used in the business, for a car like this is messed up!

50 years ago a crash like this would have totaled one or both of the cars, new or not. Yet here this car sits, still drivable, ready to be repaired. I hear people say about today’s cars, “They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.” And they’re right, they don’t. They make them better.

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