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Working on the chain gang

Painting cars is often and exercise in repetition. You spray on the base coat, and let it dry … then you spray on another coat of base and let it dry … and you keep doing that until the base coat is finished. Then you repeat the process with the clear coat. Then you repeat the whole process again the next day with additional parts from the car. And you continue repeating the process that until the entire car is painted.

Such as it is with Hugh’s Chevelle. The first day was fenders and doors. The second day was the underside of the hood and inner fenders, then later in the day, the doors again and the underside of the trunk lid. The third day was the top side of the hood and trunk. And today … today I painted various bits and pieces of the car that still needed to be painted. And I still haven’t painted the body.

This series of pictures show the items going through the paint process. There were so many parts that they had to be painted in two sets. One thing that was done differently this time is the use of the chain. One problem I have always had is finding enough places to hang stuff when I wanted to paint small parts. The chain idea  effectively solved the problem by allowing me to hang piece across its entire length. I don’t know why it too me so long to think of it.

Now that all these parts are painted the only thing left to paint on the Chevelle is the car proper. We still have a little work to do on it to make sure the body can stand up to the High Performance Finish, but once that is done, the car goes into the booth for paint, then it will be wet sanded and polished.

Just like all the other parts before it.

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