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Zee repairz … zay beginz

We started work on the Bimmer today. I started by getting the inside of the trunk lid painted and Mike did yeoman’s duty on getting the bumper repaired and sanded.

The car had to have a new trunk lid, but we were able to save the bumper cover by repairing the few scuffs and gouges it received and sanding the whole thing smooth.

At JMC AutoworX we will never sacrifice the quality of the repair, but when we are able we will reuse or repair a part instead of buying a new one if it will save the customer a few coins.

Classic black

Yesterday we completed the repairs on this Mustang, but weren’t quite finished painting the car. Today we added another simple, custom touch to the car to make it stand out from other Mustangs of the same year. All it took was a touch of classic black.

The first two photos show the car remasked and ready to paint. The areas you see are going to receive a coating of semi-flat black to complement the tinted tail-lamps and dress up the back end a bit.

Photographs three and four show the car after the black has been applied, and five and six show the parts after they have been unmasked so you can see the effect.

Picture seven shows the guys, Jordan on the left and Mike on the right, putting the car back together. I don’t know what Mike is doing in this photo, but whatever it is, apparently he approves.

The last three photos, numbers 8, 9 & 10, show the completed car. When the owner first told me that he wanted his car blacked out in this manner I thought it a bit odd … painting the tail panel black was a common feature on Chevrolet Big Block cars … but a good idea is a good idea.

And after seeing the effect on this Mustang, I realized it was a good idea indeed.

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