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Work begins

Remember this Sentra? No? I’m not surprised … this poor little car was hammered and it has taken this long to put it right on the frame machine. But we have it back now with all the straightening work complete, so work begins on cosmetic portion of the repair.

The first picture shows Jordan grinding smooth all the welds made while putting the structure of the car back together. The welds are perfectly serviceable as they are, but grinding them smooth makes them look a bit better, more like they were when the car was built.

In the second photo I am spraying the new panels with sealer in preparation for painting. Sealer comes in seven shades of gray and each paint color specifies one of these shades. This gives the paint an evenly colored base so the paint doesn’t appear mottled from the different colors of metal. It also give the paint something to grab onto for good adhesion.

After the sealer is sprayed, I trimmed out the car. Trimming out a car is painting in all the nooks and crannies that you can’t reach once the car is put together. I wasn’t painting the entire car at this time so that is why you still see the black of the new panels in places. Later, after more of the car is assembled, these black areas will be sealed and painted … which is why the over-spray you see doesn’t matter … the panels are going to be painted that color later anyway.

Pictures four and five show some body filler in places where welds need to be smoothed away and hidden. The filler was still a bit green when these pictures were taken so it hasn’t been sanded smooth yet. We will get to that tomorrow.

Picture six shows the inside of the trunk area. This floor was completely mangled in the crash and a new one has been installed. We painted it the same color as the original floor so that after the repair it would look the same as it did before the crash.

Picture seven shows the painting process underway. This car was seriously messed up in the collision, so we are having to take extra pains to protect the interior while we paint the inside of the car. It would have been easier just to have left the factory rust preventive on the replacement panels inside the car, after all, they would be covered by the interior trim, but that isn’t how we do things at JMC AutoworX. When we repair a car we return it as near as possible to its pre-crash condition.

Picture eight shows that we also painted the underside of the car in the same factory color so that just like the inside, the repair looks as near factory as we can possibly make it.

This little car was just about as messed up as any wrecked vehicle I have repaired. But with today’s precision frame alignment machines a car can be brought back to like new operational condition. Then it is up to the paint and body men to make it look as good as it works.

Got it covered

Yesterday we finished the car, but we were still waiting to get the battery box cleared and installed in the car. Today we did.

The battery box was done in the same style as the custom intake cover that was already in the car. I didn’t do the intake cover, but who ever did the work did a great job.

Between the blacked out rear panel and the covers in the engine bay, this Mustang has both ends covered.

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