Pull it out … pull it out … pull it waaaay out

The door for this Civic, damaged in a parking lot mix-up, is a total write-off, but the fender is a different matter. That we can save with the application of a little brute force.

The technique we use, demonstrated in these photographs, is typically called pulling the dent. In the first photo you can see that a stud, the little metal barb that looks like a nail, is welded to the car body where the dent is to be pulled out. The slide hammer, the device seen in the hand, is attached. The ram, which you can see cupped in the right hand, is slid along the length of the shaft until it strikes the anvil. The force of the blow is transferred to the attached stud, pulling the metal out.

By varying the force of the blow and the location and direction of the stud, a body man can tease the sheet metal of a car back into position … or close enough that the final smoothing can be done with body filler. The second photo shows the dent after it has been removed.

The last photo shows me first cutting off, then grinding smooth, the attached stud.

Now that the dent has been pulled we can smooth over any slight deformations left in the bodywork so the damage is completely hidden.


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