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I’m board

These cornhole boards, which I had wrapped for my business, were made for me by Chris Council. They are well made, look good, and are ACA (American Cornhole Association) compliant to boot.

You can talk to Chris about  your own cornhole boards by sending him an email. Be sure to tell him you found him on the JMC AutoworX site so he knows where you got his email address.

And if you are going to play, you might as well play by the rules. The official rules of cornhole can be found here.

On the straight and narrow

Recognize this Sentra? No? I’m not surprised. It sure didn’t look like this when it arrived at the shop a month ago. Then it was one messed up little car.

The car had been hit so hard in the back that the rear bumper was completely missing and the entire back end of the car was folded up like some kind of weird accordion. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at it now.

The car spent over a week a on the frame machine as it was teased back to true. All the sheet metal behind the rear doors, save the left side quarter panel, has been cut out and replaced with new pieces. The car has been painted, first inside, then underneath, and then finally, the outside, until it is as near factory perfect as man and machine can make it.

I can’t take all the credit for this job … I contact out my frame machine work, but I am very satisfied with how the car turned out. Had the car been much older the amount of damage it sustained would have probably totaled it.

But you wouldn’t know that by looking at it now.

A trip to the shops

Sometimes an innocent decision leads to heartbreak. Take this Toyota 4Runner for example. A simple trip to the shops has put the truck in the shop, damaged by an errant shopping cart.

The first two photos, taken yesterday, show the work performed to repair the dent. We sanded and filled the dent with body filler and then sanded the filler smooth. Body filler, popularly known by the trade name Bondo, is the perfect tool for repairing these small shallow dents. Properly used body filler will last the life of the car while saving the customer time and money.

Where yesterday was spent repairing the dent, today was spent hiding the repair. The third picture shows the 4Runner in the booth, masked, cleaned, and ready to spray.

The fourth photo shows the car after the sealer has been applied. The sealer is used to seal the surface and to provide the paint a surface for good adhesion. The color of the sealer is specified by the paint color and will range in color from nearly white to almost black in seven shades of gray. The color used on this 4Runner is at the darkest end of the scale.

Pictures five and six show the car after the application of the base coat, the color layer of the cars finish. The base coat dries to a near flat finish, as shown in the photos. Because of the location of the repair, this truck required blending of the paint so that the repair cannot be detected.

The human eye is very sensitive to changes in color … so long as the colors are placed next to one another with a clear and sharp line separating them. It is near impossible to mix two batches of paint and achieve an exact color match, but so long as the two colors are very close to the same color, blending the paint denies the eye that sharp and clear line and tricks the eye into seeing one color.

The last two photos, numbers seven and eight, shows what happens to the drab base coat once the clear coat is applied. The clear coat makes all the difference in the world, providing not only protection to the base coat beneath, it also provides the sizzle and pop that makes the automotive finishes some of the most beautiful paint in the world.

The paint will dry overnight in the booth, then tomorrow we will slip the door handles back on the doors and this truck will be ready for another trip to the shops. Hopefully only for purchases and not for repairs this time.


When this Charger arrived it appeared at first glance that the only thing damaged on the car was the rear bumper skin. But still waters run deep, and as we dug into the repair we found there was hidden damage. Nothing serious, but a simple sand and spray wasn’t going to do it.

The first two photos show the broken plastic piece that is going to have to be replaced. The last two show the bent support structure to go with the broken plastic.

We will replace the broken plastic and rear bumper and pull the dents out of the metal on the frame machine, but it just another testament to how hard the car was hit. It wasn’t a devastating blow, but it wasn’t a love tap either.

We will get the car mended and painted then it will be ready to charge back into the fray.

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