White out #2

Back in April a Roush Mustang came into the shop in the need of a touch up. I guess the customer was happy with the results because he is back. This time he wanted the underside of the hood to shine as nicely as the top side. I think we can help with that.

We masked off the top of the hood, the underside as it appears in the pictures, then we painted it. You can see the hood before we started painting in the first photo. The paint is near flat because it only has the base coat, but even that isn’t applied thick enough to fully cover.

The second photo shows me applying the sealer. Because the car is white, this sealer is the lightest of the seven available shades of gray and appears to be white in the photograph, but it is really a very light gray.

The sealer seals the surface below it and provides a surface that promotes paint adhesion. Each paint color specifies one of these seven shades of gray for consistent color.

After the sealer comes the base coat, not seen in these photos, which provides the color for the car. As you saw in the first photo, the base coat dries to a flat, or near flat, finish. But the owner of this car wanted a higher gloss finish than that, so we added the kerpow!, the cleat coat. You can see the the effect the clear coat has on the finish in the third and last photo. It brings out the zing of the finish, adding the depth and sparkle that people expect from a cars finish.

We will let this paint dry a bit, then we will trundle it out to finish drying in the shop to make room for the next item in the booth.

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