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Ready 4 the owner

Now that the door on the 4Runner has been repaired, the truck is ready 4 the owner to pick up, the repair undetectable and the truck as straight as the day the owner drove it off the lot. A car this nice, this new, shouldn’t have to be driven around with a dent in the door, no matter how small and insignificant it may be.

And fixing uh-oh’s like this, no matter how small, is what we’re here 4.

Under the hood

Yesterday we painted the underside of the hood on this Roush Mustang hood so that the bottom  looks as glossy and nice as the top.

After the paint dried overnight we installed the hood back on the car this morning. Now, when the hood is up, the the hood will be as beautiful as the heart it covers.

Take two

A month or so ago we painted the fuel rail covers for Terry’s El Camino project a nice rich gray. While they came out really nice, he is back, wanting to try another color.

Picking the color for your ride is an important, but difficult decision. There are an infinite number of colors to choose from, and there is no denying that some colors look better on some cars than others. So picking the color that best shows off the car is important.

Terry wants a dark color for his El Camino for a low key, classy look, and he has told me he is going to choose one of these two colors. I really liked the gray, but this Blackberry Pearl he has chosen is a beautiful color too.

I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

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