I’m spoiled

Thursday we got this spoiler sanded to make it ready to paint again. Yesterday we cleaned it up and got it painted.

The first two photos show Jordan cleaning the surface of the spoiler, removing any sanding dust and oils from our hands left on the surface from handling it. From now until the last coat of paint is dry, we will not touch it again with our bare hands.

Picture three shows the sanded area covered with sealer. The sealer seals the material below and provides a good surface that promotes good adhesion for the paint. What ever the problem was the last time, it was a failure in the sealer because that is what lifted off, not the paint itself.

Photograph four shows me putting down the base coat, the actual red paint in this finish. The base coat is applied in several thin layers to ensure good coverage without runs.

Picture number 5 shows some nut with a paint gun, goofing off instead of tending business. Actually the nut was just waiting for the previous base coat layer to dry, and while doing so was expressing confidence that this time the paint is going to stick, and stay stuck. Yes, we enjoy our work here at JMC AutoworX.

The last two photos, numbers 6 and 7, show the spoiler after the application of the clear coat. The base coat dries to a near flat finish and it is the clear coat the provides the pop and zing of the automotive finish. The base coat appears shiny in  the fifth picture because it is still wet.

Now that the repair is made I am confident it will now last the life of the car. Of course I thought that the first time I painted it too. But if I’m wrong … well … I will paint it again.

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