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Cosmetic surgery

This Acura MDX is in the shop for a little cosmetic TLC. A hit in the rear has prompted the visit to Dr. Schorr, but while it is here, we are going to do a little nipping and tucking to freshen up some older bumps and bruises.

The first first photo shows the damage caused in the crash. Nothing serious, but unsightly. The second photo shows a battle scar on the front fender and the third pictures shows some additional scuffing on the front bumper. The damage to the rear of the car is being paid for by insurance, the other spots are being picked up by the owner. Not one of these marks, well, except maybe the damage to the rear of the car, is that bad, but taken as a whole, the make the car look tired and well used.

The first step in the freshening up is to pull the dent out on the right quarter panel. You can see in the fourth photo that we have welded several studs to the car so we can pull the dent out. We attach a slide hammer to the studs, one at a time, and bang away at the slide hammer until we have teased the metal into position.

After the metal has been pulled into position, it is time to smooth the body work further with body filler. Body fill is used to smooth shallow dents, like the recently pulled quarter panel, along with the small dent in the door. You can see the door and the quarter panel after the filler has been applied and sanded smooth. It looks pretty bad in photos five and six, but if you were to run your hand across the repair you wouldn’t be able to tell where the metal ends and the filler begins.

Moving to the front of the car, in picture seven you can see Jordan sanding the clear down to remove the scratch. The key to good looking paint is smoothness, so any uneven places, no matter how slight, have to be sanded smooth else the paint not look its best.

In picture eight, the front bumper has also been sanded, again to remove the scuff marks, so the new paint lays down nice and smooth.

In the last picture, number nine, the rear of the car has been primed to protect the repairs from the elements and to ensure that the paint that follows has a good surface to adhere to.

Now that the foundations of the repair are in place, this MDX is ready to head into the paint booth where the real automotive cosmetic surgery happens … because nothing perks up the looks of a car like a fresh coat of paint.

A quicky

The Toyota Avalon that this bumper will eventually go on should arrive at the shop tomorrow. The car, another victim of parking lot bumper cars, is only lightly damaged, requiring only a new bumper skin to be made whole again.

The bumper arrived today and we managed to squeeze it into the booth for a coat of paint. Tomorrow the paint will be dry and we can pop it on the car in a just a few minutes.

While you wait body repairs. How many places do you know that can do that?

Just helping out

The customer wanted to have the nose on this Hyundai painted to freshen it up a bit.

I like these types of jobs … the customer takes the car apart, brings me the piece, I paint it, and after the paint dries, the customer comes and takes it away and puts the car back together.

No disassembly and no reassembly … no fuss and no muss. Not bad work if you can get it.

Charged up and ready to go

Friday we got this Charger back from the frame straightener. We worked all day getting the repair smoothed out and painted, but there just wasn’t enough time for the paint dry before assembly. So … the paint dried over the weekend and we assembled the car yesterday.

When the car arrived it didn’t look badly hurt. At first glance it appeared that a replacement bumper skin would be enough. But digging a bit deeper we found the car was more damaged than it first appeared. Not heavily damaged, but some straightening by the frame shop, the car chiropractor if you will, was required.

After a little pushing and pulling, and some smoothing and sanding, the car looks good as new … as if nothing had ever happened.

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