A mashed bug

This poor little bug … it was just sitting at a stop light, minding it’s own business, when some yahoo makes a left, cuts the corner too much, and … blam! It was pretty bent up. I had to cut the hood latch out so I could get the hood open and the left side fender looked like a folded aluminum soda can.

It has set around the shop for several weeks while the owner and the insurance company worked out the if/when/how of the repair. A couple of weeks ago we finally received the go-ahead to perform the repairs, last week I got enough parts to get started, and today I started piecing the bug back together.

I thought I had taken some before pictures, but when I started looking for them I couldn’t find them, so I guess I didn’t. But trust me, this was one mashed bug. Even so, after a few days of mounting parts and performing bodywork, and another few days of painting, this VW will no longer look like the bug that hit the windshield.


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