Do not open

Having never had this happen to me, I can’t imagine the shock the driver of this BMW 3 Series must have felt when the hood opened while he was driving down the road. I can guess what he said though, and I suspect the first word was Oh!

The damage could have been much worse. The owner of the car is lucky that the only part damaged was the hood itself. You can see in the second photo how the hood is bent and twisted where the hinge mounts. Had the hood been torn loose and folded back over the windshield the owner would be in for more than just a replacement hood.

In the third photo the replacement hood is in the booth, waiting to be painted. Quality replacement parts come coated in a rust preventive coating just like the one applied when the car was built. All I have to do on these type of replacement parts is give them a light sand to make sure the paint sticks and then give them the gun.

The fourth photo shows the hood after the base coat has been applied. The base coat dries nearly flat, like a chalkboard, because it is the clear coat that follows that gives the paint the pow! and zing! that automotive finishes are known for.

Pictures five and six shows what I mean when I say the clear coat gives the paint its zing! As you can clearly (no pun intended) see, the addition of the clear coat gives the paint depth and luster it doesn’t have with just the base coat applied.

Tomorrow the hood will be dry and it can go back on the car. Get the grilles and emblem back on the hood, and it will be good to go. If we have time, I might see if I can smooth those puckers out of the bottom of the drivers seat too.

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