Looks can be deceiving

I present to you, exhibit A … a BMW Z3. Looking at the first picture, it appears the car needed some minor body work. A replacement door, a new hood and maybe some work on the back bumper. But you would be mistaken.

The BMW was well, truly hammered. Involved in a serious crash on the Blue Ridge Parkway, this BMW has been all but rebuilt from the ground up.  The car needed extensive repairs on the frame machine, including straightening of the front subframe, replacement of most of the front suspension and a new engine. Not to mention the new hood and door.

Most of the major repairs are complete and we are down to the cosmetic stuff. As you can see in the first photo, we have replaced the hood and the drivers door. In the second photo you can see the large dent in the “A” pillar that we are going to pull.

In the second picture the “A” piller looks like a porcupine from the studs welded to it. We will hammer away at the dent with the slide hammer until we get the shape we want, then we will finish smoothing the repair using body filler, which you can see in the fourth photo. Once the filler dries we will sand it smooth and blend it into the “A” pillar lines so the dent is completely hidden.

This little car has been through a lot, but it is nearly over now. We still have a few rough places to smooth over, but it has come a long ways since the crash. We will finish cleaning up the scars then we can roll it into the booth for paint.

The owner has been waiting almost a year, I think, for the repairs to be completed. I know I have been stepping over or around that hood for months while I waited on the car to be brought in. I’m sure she will be glad to finally have her baby driveable again.


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