Making dust

Today, we made some dust. We consumed a couple of hours, and a good many pieces of sandpaper, buzzing over Hugh’s Chevelle, making it ready to paint. This sanding step isn’t about body work or correcting imperfections, those problem have already been fixed. This sand is to remove the blocking marks and to smooth the primer so the paint goes on nice and smooth.

The first picture shows Jordan (in black) and I going over the entire car with air powered sanders. These sanders make short work of the big, open panels, like the top and sides. But because they are optimized for quick sanding of large areas, they don’t work at all in the tight places. That means it always comes back to the original Mark I sanders, your hands and fingers, before you are done sanding. You can see me using the Mark I sander in the second photo, smoothing out the corners where the air sander won’t go.

In the last picture you can see yours truly cleaning up after the sanding. You don’t think sanding is a dusty dirty job? If you look closely you will notice a cloud of dust billowing off of me as I use the compressed air to dust myself off.

Pigpen has nothing on me.

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