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Dimples can be cute on a girl and handsome on a guy, but I am yet to see a car that looks better with dimples than without. This BMW is no exception.

This is the same Z3 we have been working on that had been in a major crash on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. The major straightening and component replacement was completed before the car was brought to me. Last week we replaced the hood and drivers side door, but the car is still covered in little dents. Difficult to see in person unless the angle is right, and impossible to take a picture of, the trunk lid and right side of the car looks like it has been attacked by a deranged monkey with a ball-peen hammer.

Fixing all the dents is going to take body filler, and a lot of it, but after being sanded smooth and painted, you would never know anything had happened. After all, dimples only look good on people … and golf balls.

In it’s prime

Today we sanded and shaped the body filler that we applied to the bug yesterday. After getting the body shape right and smooth, we rolled the car into the booth for primer.

Primer is an important part of the painting process and serves several different purposes. Like all primers, it seals the material below it to protect it from the elements. Further, it binds to and provides a tenacious grip for the sealer and paint that follows. Lastly it smooths the surface so the paint lays down as smooth as possible.

These photos show the bug after the application of the primer. We have primed all the replacement sheet metal, the hood and left fender, along with the repaired areas, namely the nose and a little bit on the right fender.

Now we wait for the primer to dry so we can push the bug out of the booth. Once back in the shop we will buzz over the primer with fine sandpaper to smooth the primer and make it ready to accept paint. Which is, after all, the point of this exercise.

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