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It’s not a bad as it looks

I forgot to get pictures of this Toyota Senna before we started taking it apart, and because of that it looks much worse than it is. In these photos  it looks like the entire front of the van has been wrecked because the nose is already off the car.

The first picture show the bit of dented fender and the second the corresponding dent in the bumper. This wasn’t just a gentle kiss between two cars, but neither was there major damage.

The last picture shows the car with the fender removed. Had this been the first shot you saw you could be forgiven for thinking the entire side of the car was mangled, rather than just a modest dent in the bumper.

This is clear case of getting worse before getting better.

The ‘burbs

In the past two weeks we have had a run on very minor bumper repairs. First it was Terry’s Civic, now this mighty Chevrolet Suburban. Like on Terry’s car, everything worked just right so that we could spot this repair in so it and have it be all but undetectable.  Where Terry’s car had a tough color to match, but an excellent location, this Suburban had it’s color working for it.

The first two photos show the damage. Not much more than a scrape. Had the damage been any less it would have nearly polished out.

The third photo shows the two small areas repaired. Because color is white, and it was right on the corner, I was able to get away with spotting in the damaged area and still have a satisfactory repair.

The last two photos show a little extra that the customer wanted … I will leave it to you guess the sex of the owner based on these two photos. There are a lot of white Suburbans out there … but I would be quite surprised if there is another quite like this one.

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