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Polishing like a rock star

Normally polishing is a one person job. Its not a hard job … you squirt some polish on the paint and carefully run over the surface with the polisher. Once you learn the technique, a person can move over a car rather quickly without any help. This fender, however, is another matter.

Because of its shape it won’t stay in position so you can run over it with the polisher. That is where another pair of hands come in handy. A pair of hands like, say, Jordan’s.

In the first photo you can see how Jordan is holding the fender upright and steady so I can run the polisher over the paint. The polishing process brings out additional gloss in the paint by smoothing over microscopic imperfections in the paint.

The second photo is a bit closer look at the polishing process. You can see in the bottom of the photo the portion of the fender that has already been polished, while top part of the photo still has the polishing compound on the paint from where I squirted it.

Picture three is, well, I don’t know what picture three is. All I know is that if you are a polishing rock star, like Jordan (right) and I are, you have to look the part, complete with stupid facial expressions.

The last two photos, numbers four and five, show the fender after the paint has been brought up to its final gloss.

Not bad work, if I do say so myself.

Bake for two hours

I didn’t get any pictures of this Senna being painted. I got busy in the booth and forgot all about it until I pulled it out in the sun. But if you have been following this blog for any length of time at all, you already know the process … sealer, base then clear.

It gets hotter than … well, hot … in the shop during the summer, but the heat does have its advantages. After the freshly applied paint on this van was dry to the touch, we backed it out and let Mr. Sun bake it for a couple of hours. The heat and sunshine speed the curing process of the paint, making it ready to go just that little bit quicker.

It didn’t matter on this van because it was so late in the day when I finished it, but catching a few rays certainly can’t hurt.

Finally …

At long last this poor little BMW Z3 is ready for paint. But first, it has to be primed.

The first photo shows the car of many colors in the booth, masked off and ready for primer. Most, but not all, of the car will be primed … there was a small area on the left quarter panel that didn’t need any work, and that section will not be primed.

Just like paint, the car has to be cleaned before it can be primed because, just like paint, the primer needs a clean and oil free surface to adhere to. Jordan is cleaning the car with a degreaser in the second photo.

The last two photos, numbers 3 and 4, are the car after being sprayed with primer. Finally the car is one color, even if it is primer gray.

Well, except for that one place on the left rear corner that is.

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