Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

Bed time

What we have here is a bed side from a mighty Chevy dually. The original bed side, though not significantly damaged, is damaged beyond repair. So here is the the new one.

The first photo shows the side after the base coat has been applied. It doesn’t look too bad in this photo because white is a very forgiving color, but the base coat has dried quite flat. This is normal for base coat because it is the clear that adds the pop and sizzle to the finish.

The second photo clearly (no pun intended) demonstrates what I mean. The first photo looks, well, ok … the but the second one show how the clear coat gives the paint the depth and shine one expects.

Tomorrow the rest of the truck comes to the shop so we can remove the damaged side and replace it with this one. A little one day job to finish out the week on a high note.

Putting it all together

Today we hung the fenders and doors on the Chevelle. This pretty much completes the portion of the build that JMC AutoworX is responsible for.  We will do the hood and inner fenders tomorrow.

The owner will pick this car up and take it away for the installation of the glass, interior, wiring … along with the final installation of the trim.

Seeing one of these High Performance Finish cars leave the shop is kind of like seeing your kids leave home. You are so proud … but it is kind of sad too.

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