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This Nissan pickup has had a little bump-up. All things considered, this is an inexpensive repair that could have been much worse. Oops is probably not what the driver said when he tagged the other car … but this is a G-rated site so you will have to use your imagination for anything else.

You can see the damage to the bumper in the first photo. Modern cars are incredibly tough and most crashes leaves a car damaged more than it appears. This bump and go is the exception that proves the rule. This damage looks pretty bad, with the bumper all bulged out on the side, but all the damage was constrained to the bumper skin … a part easily replaced.

The second photo shows the bumper and grill removed from the truck, making it ready for the new one as soon as it is ready.

Then this little oops will be all but forgotten.

Just a scratch and a bump

This van is a little scuffed up along the right side. A broken mirror and a shallow dent along the side indicates that someone got a little too up close and personal. But it’s nothing a smear of body filler and some paint can’t fix.

The first picture shows the side of the van after the body filler has been applied. The dent was very shallow which makes it ideally suited for repair with body filler. Despite body filler’s less than stellar reputation, used properly, as in this application, the repair will last the life of the van. It is when body filler is used improperly that problems arise.

The second photo shows the same area after the filler has been sanded smooth, masked and primed.

Once the side is painted white again even the keenest eye won’t be able to tell anything had happened.

JMC AutoworX will be closed for Independence Day

JMC AutoworX will be closed Wednesday, July 4th, in celebration of Independence Day. We will reopen Thursday, July 5th, ready to serve your automotive paint and body needs. Please check our calendar for latest closing information and events.

Enjoy your holiday!

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