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Up on the porch

This Toyota Camry arrived at the shop today with a small scuff on the right side of the front bumper and a small dent in the same front fender. It is my understanding that the car tried to get on the porch … to be with the family I presume. You can just see the damage in the first picture if you look in front of the tire at the bottom of the bumper and just behind the bottom of the head-lamp.

The second photo shows were we performed some minor body work on the fender smoothing out the dent.

The bumper also received some attention. We sanded smooth the scuffed place then gave it a squirt of primer over the repair, which you can see in the third photo.

The last photo, number four, has the fender masked off and primed. After the primer dries it will be ready for a quick sand and then paint.

But  that is for another day.

Beautified BMW bumpers

On Friday we painted the BMW a nice, oh so German, silver. It looks much better in silver than the multicolored pattern it wore for so long while being repaired. But we didn’t get the bumpers painted at the time. Today we did though.

The first photo is of the front bumper, the second the rear. Because the white front and black rear bumpers would clash with the now silver car, I thought it was worth it to beautify the bumpers also, to paint them in the same oh so German silver, so they match the rest of the car.

After all, having black (or white) bumpers on a silver BMW … that would be like wearing a tailored suite … and sneakers.

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