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Almost ready to check out

There is still a little work to do on this BMW, but not nearly as much as there was when this project started. Looking at this picture, except for the missing roundel in the truck lid, you can’t tell the car has had body work, much less having been rebuilt nearly from the ground up.

Today we installed the rear bumper. Tomorrow we will install the front. A few more hours after that sticking on the bits of trim, like the roundel, and this little jewel will be ready to go home.

I’m sure the car is ready. It has been in the “hospital” a long time and I’m betting it is ready to get out and stretch its legs again.

Smooth operator

While we are bogged down on other projects in the shop, we are making great progress on the El Camino. It is not often that we can devote so much time to one of our restoration projects.

The first three photos show Chris preparing the console for paint. This is a custom built piece, fabricated in the Murphy Rod & Custom shop just for this car. It is a nice piece, very professionally made, but no matter how good the welds, they have to be smoothed with body filler to make them disappear. After the filler dries and hardens, we will sand it smooth and blend it into the console. After the console is painted it will look like one solid piece, not created from several pieces as it really is.

The last three photos, numbers 4-6, show the same process on the fenders. The owner asked that the marker lights be welded up to smooth and modernize the lines of the car. Like on the console, no matter how good the welder, and Murphy Rod & Custom is very good, you will be able to see where the welds were made. So, once again, a blob of body filler sanded smooth and ta-da! no more welds.

The last photo, number six, show Chris sanding smooth the body filler covering the welds. The nice thing about Chris is he really gets into his work. In fact, today I believe he will be taking some of it home with him.

JMC AutoworX will be closed next week

JMC AutoworX will be close next week, July 23rd though July 27th, so I may take my annual vacation week with my family.

We will reopen to serve all your auto body repair needs July 30th.

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