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Bed time

We use the U-POL Raptor Liner for all kinds of things in the shop. We just finished applying it to a 1969 El Camino as a rust proofing measure for example. And sometimes, we even use it as a bed-liner.

The first picture shows the stock, painted bed of a Chevrolet Colorado. The bed doesn’t look all beat up, just sporting the normal and expected scuffs you would expect in a working truck bed. The owner wants to keep the bed looking nice so a bed-liner is the ticket. On the other hand, the owner didn’t want the thick, heavy duty, commercial bed-liner, preferring the thinner, more stylish, Raptor Liner.

The second photo shows Chris doing what he does best … sanding … to prepare the paint to accept the Raptor Liner. Poor Chris … since all you ever see him doing is sanding you would think that is all he does. Now that I think about it … that is about all he does.

The third photo shows the bed after all of Chris’s hard work. The bed is all nicely sanded and the truck is masked, ready for the liner.

The fourth, and last, photo shows the truck bed after the application of the Raptor Liner. Though the Raptor Liner can be tinted any color to match the truck, the standard black looks good against this dark gray truck.

Now you can use the truck how it was meant to be used … and the inside of the bed will look just as good 10 years from now as it does today.

Now that’s more like it

After much wrestling, and perhaps a little swearing, we finally managed to get the front bumper installed on this BMW Z3. This completes the major repairs to the car. There are still a few trim pieces to install, you can see that one of the marker lights is missing, but this car is for all practical purposes … complete.

It has been a long road to bring this car back from the dead. While I can’t take credit for the vital task of rebuilding of the structure of the car, JMC AutoworX gets the credit for making all the heavy lifting behind the scene look this good … plus I get the pleasure of turning this, now great looking, little BMW over to the customer.

Sometimes it is best to be the last guy in line.

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