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Workin’ the body

Ask any model, male or female, and they will tell you that if you want to look good, you have to work the body. Today, we worked the body on this El Camino. Last week we applied the epoxy sealer and high solids primer to the fenders and hood. Today the body of the El Camino took its turn in the booth for the same treatment.

The first photo shows the car after the application of the epoxy sealer. The epoxy sealer is less like a paint and more like a sprayable glue. It binds to the metal of the car and seals it against moisture that could form rust, provides a super-tough layer of protection against minor damage and provides a surface that promotes adhesion with the products that follow. That square floating in the air is one of the two access panels we removed from the inside of the El Camino’s bed.

After the epoxy dries, the Evercoat Super Build 4:1 high solids primer is applied. The high solids primer is like sprayable body filler. It is sprayed onto the car then block sanded to smooth and remove any slight imperfections in the sheet metal. You can see Chase applying the high solids primer in pictures two and three.

You will notice that in picture two you can still see dents in the fender wells. A high solids primer is not intended to fill dents. The high solids primer is used only to smooth slight imperfections, defects that might be invisible until after the application of the paint. Large dents, such as these in the wheel well, will be repaired using the traditional method of pulling the dent, if required, or filling will body filler.

The last three photos, numbers 4-6, show the car after the application of the high solids primer. The primer will dry and harden overnight and tomorrow … we can start sanding it all off.

I have said this before … but all this spraying stuff on just to sand it off the next day … I think it gives me a pretty good idea of how Sisyphus must have felt.

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