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We don’t only do automotive body repairs and restorations, sometimes we do car stereo stuff too. We don’t install ’em, but we do paint bits and pieces of them … like this bass enclosure that Auto Acoustics, one of our recommended suppliers, needed painted. I picked the box up about lunch time, right as the UPS guy delivered it, and brought it back to the shop. It then went through the same process that I would use if I were painting the car it was going in.

The first photo shows me sanding the box. Like everything we do here at JMC AutoworX, we start with sanding.

The second picture shows the box masked off and in the paint booth. The sealer has been applied in this photo. The urethane sealer is used to seal the surface and give the paint something to stick to. The sealer comes in seven shades of gray, from nearly white to almost black. Each color specifies one of these seven shades of gray … a light medium gray in this case.

The third photo shows the box after the application of the base coat. The base coat provides the color for the finish. This paint is still a bit shiny because it is still wet, but it will dry to a near flat finish. The orange selected for the enclosure is the same color as the accent stripes on the car it is going into.

The last photo, number four, shows the enclosure after the application of the clear coat. The base coat provides the color but it is the clear coat that gives the color the pop! and zing! and provides a tough protective layer as well.

After the paint dried a couple of hours I unmasked it and took it back to the stereo shop so they could start installing it. With those three 10-inch subs the stereo should thump … and it will look good while doing it too.

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