It’s a-door-able

After working on collision repairs all day I realized near the end of the day that we were at a stopping point and the paint booth was empty. Hmm … I wonder what needs paint?

The first photo shows Chase (left) and I sanding on one of the El Camino’s doors. With both of us working on them it took almost no time to buzz over them with a DA (Dual Action) sander and get them ready for priming. The second photo has the doors, after we finished sanding them, hanging in the paint booth ready for primer.

Pictures three and four have Chase putting on the epoxy primer, picture three, and the high builds primer, picture four. The epoxy primer is sprayed on both sides of the door to bind to the metal so the subsequent layers will stick and to provide a tough barrier to the elements to prevent rust.

The high builds primer is sprayed onto the exterior side of the doors only. The high builds primer is used to fill and smooth any small dimples or waves in the metal to produce a laser straight surface.

The last four pictures, numbers 5-8, are of the doors, primed. It was too late in the day for the primer to dry to sufficient hardness for sanding so that will have to wait for another day.

Getting the doors primed, even if we didn’t get them sanded, is another step forward. Now that the doors are primed, the entire car has been primed and only the doors remain for the first, rough, block sanding.

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  1. Well! What a pleasant surprise! I didn’t expect anything to be done to on the car this week, being that you just got back from vacation and you had a shop full of collision work to take care of.

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