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A cute little girl is even cuter with dimples and you expect dimples on a golf ball, but on a car? Not a good look.

I’m not sure what hit the trunk of this Nissan Altima, but it must have been a pretty good whack to make such a deep dent. The dent is too deep to just fill so we will have to pull the dent first then finish the repair with a bit of filler. A fair amount of work and skill will be required to make the repair, but after painting you will never know the dent was there.

Dimples might be fine on a golf ball, but not on a car. Especially as one as nice as this one.

Black beauty

The part we have been waiting on finally arrived and we were able to button up this Titan. The first photo shows the truck assembled but not yet complete. As you can see, a body shop is a dusty place and even though this truck is ready to hit the road, no vehicle is going to leave my shop looking like that. That means every vehicle repaired at JMC AutoworX gets a complementary detailing. After all, how can the customer admire the repair if it is buried under an inch of dust?

The second photo shows the truck after it has been cleaned up. The paint in the second photo is no slicker than it was in the first, but the truck just looks better for being clean.

Now the truck is complete and ready for delivery.

Now that’s slick

Ah hah! I remembered my camera today!

Today we worked on the El Camino doors some more. Yesterday we blocked the doors smooth. Today we applied the final primer before paint.

The first layer of primer, the epoxy sealer, is to protect the metal from rust. The second primer, the high build primer, is designed to smooth the sheet metal to glass like perfection. This third primer is designed to fill the sanding scratches from the heavy sanding used to smooth the sheet metal and to further smooth surface. This primer will also be sanded, but this time it will be with very fine paper. The sanding is not to further smooth the surface, that was taken care of with the high build primer and body filler, but to rough the surface just slightly so the paint, which comes next, has something to grab onto for good adhesion.

These three photos show the doors after the primer has been applied. Like the two primers before, this primer dries near totally flat … but look carefully at door in the last picture. Do you see it?

Yes, that is the paint booth door you see reflected in the primer. The nearly flat primer I might add. It takes a very slick surface to get a reflection in a flat paint … or a primer.

So if the surface is slick enough to get a slight reflection now, imagine what you will see when the (nearly) black paint is on it.

Filler up

Oops. Normally, at the end of the day, I take the photos home with me and write these missives about what we did that day. Yesterday I forgot and left the camera at the office so I am a little late getting this posted. I blame my memory, or lack there of, on getting older.

We still have a large backlog of work waiting for us at the shop that we can’t clear out because we are still waiting on parts. Rather than stand around with our hands in our pockets we hauled the doors out that we primed on Tuesday and got busy block sanding them smooth.

You can see in the first photo that after blocking we applied body filler to fill and smooth areas that the high builds primer couldn’t cover. It looks like a lot of filler but by the time the filler is blocked smooth some of it will be so thin it will be nearly transparent. You can see the door after the filler has been sanded smooth in the second photo.

We are making fantastic progress on this car, much faster progress that I expected. I wish I could say the same about the other vehicles around here.

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