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That was quick

Today we cleaned up and applied the pin stripe to the mighty Ford that we painted yesterday … and the owners picked the truck up this afternoon.

This was another of those quick turn-around jobs where everything just falls into place. 2½ days from drop-off to return … it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

Badges? We need some stinking badges!

The, now undented, Altima is out of the paint booth. It is ready to go … except for the missing badges. If we had the badges today we could have finished this car up and sent it on its way.

Alas, another day’s delay … all over some stinking badges.

I’m not sure it’s worth it

We have been rockin’ and rollin’ this week, trying to clear the backlog of cars in the shop. The last of the cars that was part of the log jamb, the one we installed the new radiator in this past Friday, went into the booth today.

The first photo shows the new bumper in it’s coat of bright silver paint. The second photo is of the car proper, with the new hood and left front fender painted to match.

The driver door was undamaged in the collision, but it was used as an area to blend the new paint into the old to hide any color variation. Because the eye is very adept at seeing slight color variation if there is a clearly defined line between the colors, blending is a technique to deny the eye that hard line, making any slight color change undetectable.

Now that this car is painted, the backlog of cars I had after vacation is almost worked off. When I left for vacation I was so excited to go … but when I got back to all these car I began to wonder if it was actually worth it.

That’s why they’re called bumpers

Yesterday, just before closing, the Toyota Sienna that goes with this bumper was dropped off at the shop with a soccer ball size dent in the front bumper. When I say soccer ball size, I mean not only the diameter but the depth as well. The dent was … impressive … and I wish I had taken a picture of it. But like many things in life, looks can be deceiving. The damage was confined to the plastic bumper cover so though the damage looked impressive, the repair is a simple one.

So simple in fact, that a replacement bumper was not needed. After removing the bumper, a couple swift thumps from the backside was all that was need to pop the dent out. Popping the dent out didn’t entirely fix the problem, but the remaining damage can be repaired with body filler.

The first picture shows me spreading the second layer of body filler over the damaged area, further smoothing areas that weren’t adequately filled the first time.

The second picture has Chris roughing the filler into shape with the DA (Dual Action) sander before the final smoothing and shaping by hand, as shown in the third photo.

I am hoping everything goes well on on this job so the Sienna will be ready to return home for the weekend.

Back on the straight and narrow

This Nissan Altima arrived at the shop three weeks ago, bent and mangled from a collision with a light stanchion. Nissan builds good cars, but in this case, the Altima came out on the losing end.

The first three photos, numbers 1-3, show the car after I did a bit of disassembly to see how much damage there was, and there was a lot. The car was sent to the car chiropractor for some adjustments to the structure of the car so the replacement panels would fit properly.

Today the car came back after the structure of the car was pushed and pulled back into specification. It still needs some cosmetic work, but you can see in the last two photos, numbers four and five, the car looks a lot better than it did a few weeks ago.

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