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Making dust

Today was an unusual day in the shop. We had exactly one car in the shop to work on … and work on it we did.

The first photo show me welding up the mounting holes on the header panel where the el Camino badge would mount. Since this car has no badges or emblems, it doesn’t need the holes.

The next four pictures, numbers two though five, show the work we performed on the left side quarter panel. The car has obviously been in a serious accident in the past. The left side required extensive body work to repair the area damaged in the crash along with all the rust repair performed in the Murphy Rod & Custom shop. The quarter panel isn’t horrible, certainly not bad enough to warrant replacing the entire panel, but let’s just say that, yes, there is some body filler on the left side of the car and leave it at that.

Pictures six and seven show that the body of the El Camino isn’t the only part of the car that needed a little body filler help. Murphy Rod & Custom also performed some minor rust repairs on the doors, and because this car is a High Performance Finish car, we take the time to finish and smooth even the areas that are rarely noticed … like the bottoms of the doors.

Meanwhile …

While Chris and I broke our backs on the body of the El Camino, Chase was busy in the paint booth when he wasn’t helping with the sanding. The last five pictures, numbers 8-12, are of the various parts of the car that Chase painted. The underside of the hood along with the inner fenders and the radiator support and hood latch were all painted a nice semi-gloss black. The owner picked this eggshell like finish specifically for the various under-hood and structural parts of the car. Having enough shine to look good, without being over-the-top, it should blend in nicely with the overall color scheme that is going onto the car.

We positively hammered on this car today. Chris and I were worn out and covered in dust from all the sanding but I am extremely pleased with the progress we made today. We still have a bit more work to do on the left side of the car, but we are on pace to … maybe … apply some paint this week.

A month ago I would have never guessed we would be this far along this fast … and that January deadline we were shooting for doesn’t look like a problem at all. Assuming I didn’t just jinx myself by saying that of course.

Ready to serve and protect

Today … is the first day of the rest this 1970 Plymouth Satellite’s life. Not content to go through life as a plane Jane beige sedan, this ol’ girl is getting a complete makeover. She is joining the thin blue line.

This car is going to require only a moderate amount of work to convert what you see here, a rock solid, if a bit plain, Satellite sedan, into a rolling symbol of truth, justice and community service.

Police academy, here it comes.

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