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All it takes is guts

The front fascia for a Maxima is in the shop for a little TLC. After plenty of bug impacts, the paint on the bumper was etched so badly that cleaning it was no longer working for the owner.

First we sanded the fascia, both to remove the bug jerky and to prepare the paint on the bumper to receive the new paint. This photo shows the fascia after it has been cleaned, masked and made ready to paint.

This time having no guts is a good thing.

Bright eyed

This Mercedes-Benz E500 is in the shop for a little touch-up on the head-lamps. Yes … even Mercedes-Benz head-lamps get cloudy with time.

The first picture shows the right side head-lamps before we started cleaning them. I wish I had taken the picture before we opened the hood and started taping them up, but trust me, this is how the head-lamps looked when it arrived.

The second picture was taken after the lenses were sanded to remove all the opaque plastic that was dulling their appearance.

After the lenses are clean it is time remove the scratches that the sanding put in the lenses. After polishing the lenses are bright and clear again, nearly as clear as they were when new. Compare the lenses after they have been polished, as shown in photograph three, to the way they appeared when the car arrived and the difference is clear … no pun intended.

In the last photo, number four, you can see that with both head-lamps cleaned the car looks better. But more importantly, the head-lamps work better as well.

Normally I don’t do sales pitches in these posts, but this is important. If your head-lamps are dull and opaque you owe it to yourself to do something about it. The more dull, dingy and opaque the lenses, the less the light from you head-lamps is getting on the road. I encourage you to inspect your head-lamps, and if they are opaque, get them taken care of. I would like you to bring the car to me, but do take it somewhere and have the lenses cleaned or replaced.

It could save your life.

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