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Putting it all together

Friday we painted this Escape so that today we could focus on getting all the parts put back on. You can see in this series of photographs the assembly of the Escape.

The truck arrived back in the shop on Wednesday of last week late in the day. We ground the welds and smoothed the repairs on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, and painted it on Friday. Today we spent the entire day working on the reassembly of the vehicle, trying to expedite the repair since it was at the frame straightener for so long.

Tomorrow we will send this truck to cleanup then it will be ready to go home. It took a while to get started on the repair, but once we started on it, we rolled pretty well.


This Ford F150 arrived at the shop today with a bent place in the left rear quarter panel right at the edge of tailgate, the victim of a parking lot get together.

The first two photos show the damage. It not a huge dent, but this is too nice of a truck to drive around with an unsightly dent in the rear.

The third photo shows the dent after we hammered away at it with a slide hammer. A slide hammer is used to tease a dent out by sliding a heavy weight along a slide until it hits the anvil. The force of the blow is transferred down the slide, through the stud that is attached to the panel, moving the panel in the direction of the blow. By varying the direction and force of the blow the metal can be teased back into position.

After pounding out the dent, we smeared some body filler over the damaged areas to smooth the repair as you can see in pictures four and five. Where the slide hammer will get the sheet metal close, body filler is required to completely hide the repair.

The last picture, number six, shows the tailgate sanded smooth and ready to prime. Tomorrow, after we check the fit of the new tail-lamp, we will get the areas primed and ready for paint.

Ford builds some tough trucks no doubt … but even a Ford can’t take being backed into without some damage.

JMC AutoworX will be closed

Monday, September 3rd, JMC AutoworX will be closed for Labor Day. We will reopen Tuesday, September 4th to server you.

Everybody get out there and enjoy the last unofficial day of summer, but do it safely. As much as I would like to have your business, I don’t want anyone hurt.

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