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Every little bit helps

Even with everything else going on in the shop today we managed to put in a little time on the Satellite.

You can see in these two photos that we have removed the fenders and hood. This is done to simplify the painting process, especially on this car where the fenders and hood are a different color than the top and doors.

We didn’t make a lot of progress on the car today, but we did make some. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. You know the old saying, “Every little bit helps.”

What a shame

This Nissan 370Z convertible is in the shop for a bit of a touch-up. I’m not sure what happened to the paint on the hood and deck lid … acid rain maybe? … but something made a mess of the paint. It’s a shame too because except for the hood and deck, this is a good looking car.

The nice thing about this type of work is it doesn’t require a lot of work to get ready to paint. Since the paint only looked like poo but wasn’t actually failing, a quick surface sand to rough it up and it is ready to paint.

These two pictures show the car sanded, masked, and ready to shoot.

Any openings?

Yesterday we beat and banged on this Ford F150 until we mostly knocked the dent out. We also had time to get some body filler over the repair to smooth up the repaired area and get the tailgate sanded smooth.

Today we sanded the area under the tail-lamp and got both spots, the area under the tail-lamp and the tailgate, in primer. Primer is used to seal the body repair underneath, to protect it from the elements and thus prevent rust. Primer also provides a surface so that the paint, when applied, has something to grab onto for adhesion.

Now that the truck is ready to paint, we just have to find an open slot in the paint booth schedule.

Welcome EG-6

This is our new Snap-on ECOPlus Air Conditioning Service Center. This handy little device will make it so much easier to service air conditioning systems on damaged cars because we can now do all the service in-house.

But really, Snap-on ECOPlus Air Conditioning Service Center? That’s quite a mouth full. “Quick, someone bring me the Snap-on ECOPlus Air Conditioning Service Center!” Nope, I don’t think that is going to work.

I hereby dub thee … EG-6.

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