Into the paint booth!

While the Nissan was out catching some rays, the Ford was masked off, scuffed up, and rolled into the booth.

The first picture shows the truck with the left bedside sanded flat. We will use this panel to blend the repair at the corner and the existing paint has to be roughed up so the new paint will stick.

Blending is a technique  painters use for hiding a repair. The human eye is very good at distinguishing between two colors, even if they are very close in color. An added complication is that it is very difficult to exactly match a color. You can get it close. Really close. But getting it close enough so the eye can’t pick out the difference … that’s hard. Really hard.

Luckily for paint and body men there is a way around the problem. The eye can only distinguish very subtle changes in color if, and only if, the color are adjacent and divided by a clear line. Blending denies the eye that clear line by carefully feathering the new color into the old. This blends the transition, hence the term, between the colors and the eye looks right over the change in color, if there is one, without seeing any change. It’s a handy skill for a painter to have in his tool kit.

The last three photos show the truck after painting. The application of the clear over the sanded area restores the gloss and the truck looks good as new.

We still need to put the truck back together … install the tail-lamp, tailgate and emblems, but for all practical purposes, this truck is done.

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