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Bump and grind

This Nissan Altima is the victim of a good old fashioned parking lot bump and grind. A car bumped into it then proceeded to grind its way along long the flank. Ouch!

These pictures show the damage isn’t extensive, but it is certainly not something that you want to have on the side of your car, especially not on a car as nice as this one.

We’ll get to work on this tomorrow and after a bit of beating and banging the damage from the bump and grind … well, you won’t even know it was there.


This 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue is in the shop to have the right front fender replaced and to fix the damaged front bumper and hood. This is a nice car that has obviously been well cared for, so in addition to the repairs, the owner has decided to spring to have the entire car repainted to perk it up some. The paint on the car isn’t in bad shape, but it is showing its age and starting to look a bit tired.

These pictures show the car being disassembled in preparation for painting. The front fender can’t be saved, but the rest of the car just needs a little TLC to make it ready for paint. Because the paint on the car isn’t failing we will be able to simply sand the paint, so the new paint will have something to adhere too, and paint right over the top of the paint that is already there.

For a ’99 this Olds looks pretty good … but give us a few days, and it will look even better.

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