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Dip to white

Today the Oldsmobile Intrigue received its turn in the paint booth.

The first photo shows the car being partially masked before it is rolled into the booth. A lot of the masking was done outside while the booth was prepared to receive the car.

The next two photos, numbers two and three, show the car in the booth, fully masked, cleaned and ready to spray. The paint is completely flat in these photos because the entire car has been thoroughly sanded to rough up the paint so the new paint, which is about to be applied, has a surface it can stick to.

Photos four and five are of the car after the base coat has been applied. The base coat is the actual color of the finish. You can see that the paint has slightly more gloss than it did before the base coat was applied.

The reason the paint isn’t glossy is because the base coat dries to a near flat finish. The slight gloss you see in these two photos is because the base coat isn’t totally flat and because the paint is still slightly wet.

The last two photos, numbers six and seven, demonstrates the difference that the application of the clear coat makes. There are more and sharper reflections from the booth lights and the paint has much more gloss. The clear coat also provides a protective layer over top of the base coat so that the color and gloss is retained for many years.

While white isn’t a great color to show off the difference the clear coat makes because white will never have that deep, mirror like shine that dark colors will, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good.

Because it does.

Sometimes the car wins

Like everyone, I have days where everything I touch turns to gold, and other days when everything I touch … doesn’t turn to gold.

You can see in the first photo that it took several applications of body filler to get the body of this Altima smoothed and straightened as it should be. I would fill a spot, sand, then feel another problem place, and repeat the procedure. It is funny how what can appear to be a small, localized problem, like this one, can cause problems you can’t even see until you begin to fix the car. It is only then that you discover that the car is bent over a far larger area than you originally expected.

I kept after it, though, until I finally whipped it into shape. I had to spread the filler over a larger area than I originally thought I would have to, but you can see in the second photo the car is in primer … and that means it is almost ready to paint. A little sanding to make sure the body is straight and to prepare the primer for paint and this car will be ready for the paint booth.

So, yes, sometimes the car wins. But not today.

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