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Ready to rock and roll

While Chris worked on getting the Intrigue together, Chase and I worked on getting the Altima ready to paint.

The first picture shows Chase using Scuff Stuff, a mild abrasive compound that is used to prepare a car for paint. It works like sanding, but not quite so aggressive.

In the second picture the car is in the booth and Chase and I are masking the car to protect it from over spray. Masking is a tedious process, but not nearly so tedious as having to get over spray off the car.

The last picture, number three, shows the car fully masked and ready for cleaning, which is what I am doing in the picture.

Tomorrow morning we will quickly tack the car then we will be ready to rock and roll in the paint booth.

13 years young

Yesterday we painted this Intrigue. Today we put it back together.

The first photo shows Chris putting the finishing touches on the front bumper. He has already installed all the door handles, mirrors and lights.

The next four pictures, numbers 2-5, show the car after it has been assembled and is ready for delivery. This car is painted in a white pearl three-stage paint that really pops out in the sun.

The Intrigue was part of Oldsmobile’s last gasps to stay alive when they started designing cars with a clean, European styling. This change of theme for Oldsmobile wasn’t able to save the brand, but 13 years later, this car still looks clean and modern.

And a fresh coat of paint makes it look even better.


A week ago the owner of this van stopped by for an estimate to repair his Honda Odyssey. The owner’s daughter had a minor fender bender in a parking lot, bending the plastic bumper and scratching it up. I popped the dent out during the inspection but the owner opted for a new bumper anyway because the damaged bumper couldn’t be repaired 100%.

The first photo show the van as it arrived this morning. As you can see the damage isn’t significant but the owner of the van obviously takes very good care of it.

The second photo show the entire front of the van  removed. I already had the bumper in the shop and painted so this could have been a 1 hour rip and replace on the bumper, but since the van was in the shop the owner sprung for our deluxe head-lamp restoration which necessitated the removal of the head-lamps.

As soon as the head-lamps were ready we put the van back together. You can see in the third and final photograph the bumper looks good as new. I almost forgot to get a picture of the finished van and has to snap one with my phone, hence the odd-ball size of the picture.

Floor it

We were pretty busy in the shop today, but we did have a little bit of time to devote to the El Camino. Today we sanded the bed floor and the inside bed walls. We have some dents to fill before the bed is is ready to paint, but we didn’t have time to address those today.

This car is scheduled to be finished by the end of November … and while that seems like a long time considering how much work is left to do, we have to keep checking things of the To Do list if we want to make the deadline.

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