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Ready … set … go

After a week it has become apparent that this Chevelle isn’t going to disassemble itself … so first Chris then Chris and I started taking it apart today. The first four pictures show Chris and I removing the front fenders. Chris then went on to remove the emblems and trim piece of the car.

The last two pictures, numbers five and six, show my glass contractor removing the trim from around the rear window. There are a lot of things we can do in the shop, but when it comes to doing glass … best to leave that to the experts.

Use your imagination

We got this Altima in the booth last night so we could get a quick start on it this morning. And we did.

The first picture shows the car with the base coat applied. The paint looks so dull because it is dull. Base coat dries to a near flat finish … it is the clear coat, which you can see in picture two, that provides not only the protection for the paint but also the gloss.

Now … use your imagination to see picture three, the picture of the car all put together. Sigh … I must be getting old. This is the third car this week that I neglected to take the “Completed” picture. The customer picked the car up this afternoon and she had been gone about 10 minutes when I realized that, once again, I had forgotten to take a picture of the car after it was finished.

If I am this bad now, how am I going to be when I get old?

Close shave

The El Camino is having all it’s emblems shaved … a hot rodder term meaning to remove them. During a lull in the shop, Chris got to work welding up a hole in the tailgate where the emblem would have been.

We are still making progress on the El Camino, but we are going to have to step it up if we are going to make the December deadline.

Mr. Lincoln … your car is ready

The owner of the El Camino stopped by the shop this morning … and look what he showed up in! This is an unmolested, all original, 1965 Lincoln Continental.

This car features the original drive-train, paint, chrome, glass and interior. Everything on the car is in perfect working order, right down to the clock. And to top it all off, it only has 30,000 miles on the odometer. Not 130,000 miles, 30,000.

Every car you have seen featured on this site has passed through the shop at one time or another … until now. And to be honest, I hope this one never does. That would be … a shame.

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